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About Me

I can usually be found with my family enjoying the little things. Most of my working time is spent on my current projects as detailed below. I have started a few businesses in my working life and whilst not all have been a success I have been fortunate in that, so far, the successes have outweighed the failures. I don't have a social media presence but I do make the odd video for YouTube if something interesting happens.

My Skills


I have worked in banking, finance and insurance for over 20 years continuously. The vast majority of this time has been spent running my own mortgage and insurance brokerage. I have extensive experience of all aspects of running a regulated financial services firm. I have also run two principal lending firms. I hold the CeMAP and DipFA qualifications.


I used the knowledge I acquired from running a mortgage and insurance brokerage to branch out into property investing. I built a property portfolio from single lets up to large houses of multiple occupation. I have also acquired property to refurbish and sell and have also acquired property with a view to obtaining planning permission to develop further. With regards to property I have extensive experience of buying, selling, letting, refurbishing, obtaining planning and litigation.


I trade my own funds primarily on the US stock market (NYSE & NASDAQ). I mainly trade stocks or their CFD equivalent and also CFD's of the S&P 500 [SPY], NASDAQ [QQQ] and DOW indices. Most trades I place are day trades although I sometimes take some longer term swing trades. I have also traded commodities such as oil and currencies (FX). I have also spread-bet with various providers. I am experienced in trading with Interactive Brokers Trader Work Station (TWS) and with MetaTrader 4. See an old trading re-cap video of mine here.


I have been interested in coding since the age of 5 after being taught:-

10 PRINT "Hello, World!"
20 GOTO 10

I have experience in Assembly (6502/6510 & Z80), AutoIT (Windows), BASIC, Bash Scripting (Linux), Batch Scripting (MS-DOS/Windows), C, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Swift (iOS) , VBA (Windows). Some details of my various coding projects can be found below.

This site is running on a Raspberry Pi.

My Coding Projects

To date I have created several applications mostly for internal use, however some were made available for others to use where no conflict of interest was likely. And of course a few applications just for fun.

    Commodore 64 (C64) Stuff - As my first ever computer I'm still fond of the humble C64 with its 1mhz MOS 6510 processor and awful [Microsoft] BASIC - I mean, you can't even draw lines to the screen with the built-in BASIC. But in any case it's still quite a capable machine for its era and probably the most successful 8-bit home micro of the 80's. So I've created a couple of [very poor] videos to show how easy it is to start creating simple games: Programming the C64
    Right Track - This is the working title for a site I'm currently developing that allows users to track property listings on Rightmove.co.uk for changes e.g. if the price goes up or down or if its status changes from FOR SALE to SOLD and vice versa, these are features currently unavailable through Rightmove.co.uk directly. Check it out here.
    Tracker (proprietary) - This is a full case management application written in HTML/CSS, PHP and JavaScript with a MySQL database. This is used in-house in my mortgage and insurance brokerage for recording and tracking all business written as well as for maintaining up-to-date records for compliance and marketing. External API integration is used for processing card payments and performing anti-money laundering and identity checks.
    Affordability (proprietary) - Takes one set of income and expenditure information and accesses the afforability calculators of several UK mortgage lenders at once, making the re-keying of the same data into multiple websites unnecessary.
    Automated Valuation System (proprietary) - Takes basic property data e.g. postcode, property type, number of bedrooms and produces a branded and detailed report on property prices within a given area.
    Data mining (for a client) - The client wanted a spreadsheet of all contact information for every listed care home in the UK. Rather than pay a human to manually compile this information, that will change over time, I was commissioned to create a web-scraping application that the client could run at will. The savings this method will produce over time will more than cover the cost of the development. An early beta release can be seen in action here.
    Property Data (free) - I created this app to save time when producing marketing letters to post to potential property vendors. I knew others with similar businesses would benefit from using an app like this so I made it available to anyone who requested it. I implemented a novel way of restricting use in the event of unauthorised distribution. You can see an instructional video here.
    SMS Relay (for fun) - I created this as a convenient way of sending a text to a mobile phone from Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It uses a mIRC script to listen for a message send request then executes a separate program that interacts with Nokia PC Suite which physically sends it via an old Nokia phone connected via USB.
    Others - I've created various other small apps and macro's to automate various tasks in my working life and various other projects of interest.

My Property Projects

Some before and after photos of a recent property refurbishment

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